Every child is special in God’s sight, deserving to be loved, cared for and permitted to develop at their own rate. Christian principles and values are best taught to young children by example. Nothing is more important to an individual’s development than a healthy relationship with Christ. In order to learn, children must gain confidence in God-given abilities. Children learn by doing and should be allowed to express their own creativity through work and play.

Education should be fun and exciting. The most important lesson in the early years is learning to love and trust the Lord. Following Jesus, children gain a complete sense of purpose for their life; their focus will be on their individual gifts and talents.

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Hocutt Baptist Preschool

320 W Horne St Clayton NC 27520

NOTE: Registration for the 2024-25 school year HAS BEGUN!

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314 W Horne St, Clayton NC 27520
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