Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Meet the Hocutt Preschool Director

Sherry Morgan

I have been at Hocutt since 1996 and with the preschool since its inception in 2000. We teach our children Christian principles and values while making education fun and exciting. We are blessed to have a staff of spiritually mature women who love and nurture our children, and it is a privilege to serve alongside them. Every day, we bathe our children and their families in prayer, and I appreciate the opportunity to minister this way. I am thankful for the support I receive from the staff, the church, my husband Stan, and my seven wonderful children.


Four year Teachers

Kristina Zorin

Alicia McChargue

Ashley Shuford

Jenny Pastoressa

Three Year Teachers

Daniela Ansley

Laura Pollnow

Linda Easley

Two Year Teachers

Jessica Houck

Kimberly Mizelle

Teacher Assistants

Josephine Narron

Lucie Maricle

Gladys Lodes

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